PerceptusAI – Artificial Intelligence: AugmentedReality that can see

Perceptus is an innovative mixed reality platform for companies and users interested in digital transformation and innovations in digitalization.

It is a breakthrough and forward-looking technology that will significantly change augmented reality (AR) experiences by letting you see the world around you. It will enable a completely new kind of AR application.

Perceptus: The innovative computer vision system

State-of-the-art technology enables AR to provide a visual perception and thus a visual understanding of the world. With it, applications, AR experiences are created that are convincing because they are pictorial and vivid in real time and of high benefit to the user.

Perceptus runs on all newer smartphones, tablets, and VR and AR glasses that use mobile chips. The cloud is bypassed, the processes happen locally on the respective devices. This means speed on the one hand and protection of the user’s privacy on the other. Perceptus supports iOS and Android.

Convincing perception that can be used with AR glasses

Perceptus offers the possibility to dynamically recognize a wide variety of objects and their context while the user is in reality. This means that through machine vision, computers can perceive spatially, recognize objects and classify them semantically.

In this way, new AI and mixed reality experiences are created and the interaction between humans, computers and the metaverse  is fundamentally changed.

Dynamic object recognition through AI

Perceptus is supposed to be able to recognize and track objects in space when there is movement or even irregular camera movements. However, objects can look completely different depending on the viewing angle, lighting conditions or possible changes in perspective. The innovative technology succeeds in continuously identifying, understanding and tracking objects.

While humans can recognize this quickly and do it easily, this is a complex challenge for artificial intelligence, which must be able to achieve a powerful, three-dimensional vision of the object in question and maintain it over a timeline and changing perspectives.

AR has so far only been able to enable passive experiences

With Perceptus, any modern smartphone, tablet and headset can automatically capture physical objects in any environment. This is done in real time and locally on the devices to protect the privacy of the users.

Previous AR lacked a visual understanding of the world around them. Therefore, users could only be offered passive experiences. This is changing with Perceptus. The problem must be solved of understanding objects in real time and not just moving around in virtual worlds.

Using the latest technology in real time for differentiated spatial perception 

With machine vision as the key technology of augmented reality, it is made possible for computers to perceive spatially, recognize objects and classify them. On this basis, physical reality can be successfully augmented with digital elements.

It’s easy for a computer to understand an artificial world it has created. Perceptus is made for people who prefer to live in the real world for most applications and for whom privacy and ease of access are crucial.

With optimized, innovative AI hardware as well as the development of even better AR glasses, the technology should become even more powerful in the coming years.

Perceptus: Augmented Reality that can see

Perceptus’ technology enables a new kind of exciting and also useful AR experience, for example:

  • A dynamic understanding of objects: Perceptus creates continuity between the physical and digital worlds, independent of lighting, rotations of the object in question and head movements.
  • Every modern smartphone, tablet, and pair of glasses enables physically aware AR experiences. AR experiences are becoming more accessible and common.
  • Local control without cloud: Users have direct control over their data..


Perceptus is a mixed reality platform that will enable and transform augmented reality (AR) experiences. This technology marks the beginning of a new development in mobile computing, as smartphones, tablets and AR/VR headsets can not only see a wide variety of physical 3D objects, but also understand them.

All processes take place locally, i.e. in the background, in order to protect the privacy of the users. The innovative aspect of Perceptus is that it enables the dynamic identification of objects and their context in real time, while the user is moving in reality. This changes the way people interact with computers. A continuity between the physical and digital world is created, even with changing light, different object rotations or movements, the real world is expanded.


Wenn Sie mehr darüber erfahren möchten, wie Sie Mixed Reality in Ihrem Unternehmen implementieren und Teil des Metaverse werden können, kontaktieren Sie uns!