Unveiling the Pioneers of XR: A Deep Dive into the Auggie Awards 2023 Winners

The Auggie Awards, an annual event of recognition and celebration within the Extended Reality (XR) industry, have been a cornerstone of innovation and excellence. These awards act as a beacon, guiding the direction of advancements in this rapidly evolving field.

What are the Auggie Awards and why are they so important?

The Auggie Awards are the premier annual accolades bestowed upon pioneers within the Extended Reality (XR) industry. They shine a spotlight on the most innovative and groundbreaking developments in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). Each year, the Auggie Awards bring together a global community of creators, developers, and enterprises, acknowledging their remarkable contributions in propelling the XR industry forward.

The significance of the Auggie Awards lies in their ability to recognize and amplify the transformative potential of XR technologies. By honoring the most influential advancements, they provide direction and inspiration for the entire XR ecosystem. They highlight the remarkable potential of XR in shaping our interaction with digital environments and enhancing our understanding of the world around us.

Moreover, the Auggie Awards play a crucial role in fostering a spirit of innovation, competitiveness, and collaboration within the industry. They act as a catalyst, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in XR, thereby driving the entire field towards newer horizons. In essence, the Auggie Awards are more than a celebration of achievements; they’re a testament to the future of digital interaction and experiences.

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The Auggie Awards in 2023

The Record Number of Nominations

The Auggie Awards 2023 marked a milestone in the history of Extended Reality (XR) with a record-breaking number of nominations. This unprecedented wave of participation underscores the accelerated growth and dynamism within the XR community. From creative individuals to ambitious enterprises, a diverse range of innovators showcased their groundbreaking contributions, pushing the boundaries of AR, VR, and MR.

This surge in nominations is a testament to the thriving XR landscape. It signifies not only the increasing interest in XR technologies but also the global recognition of the Auggie Awards as a prestigious platform for showcasing XR excellence. The sheer volume and variety of nominations reflect the expansive scope of XR applications and the limitless potential it holds for the future. This record-breaking year for the Auggie Awards 2023 paints an optimistic picture of the XR industry’s trajectory, poised for continued growth and innovation.

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The AWE logo surrounded by glowing orbs, representing the diversity and richness of XR technologies.

The 14th Auggie Awards by the numbers

The Auggie Awards 2023 spotlighted the best in innovation across 16 distinct categories. Each category represented a unique facet of the XR realm, from art to healthcare, gaming to enterprise solutions. This year, the event saw a record number of nominations, reflecting the expanding universe of XR creativity and development. The awards not only celebrated the winners but also recognized the sheer volume of talent and the diverse range of applications represented by the nominees. With each passing year, the Auggie Awards continue to grow in stature, showcasing the rapidly evolving landscape of XR.

16 Categories
377! Nominations
89 Finalist
16 Winners + Start-Up
XR Prize $100K Winner

3 More Awards
Best in Show AR
Best in Show VR
The Awesome Award

The Selection Process

The selection process for the Auggie Awards winners is a rigorous journey that celebrates the very best in the Extended Reality (XR) industry. The process begins with an open call for nominations, inviting creators, developers, and enterprises worldwide to submit their innovative XR projects. This is followed by an intensive review phase where a panel of industry experts assess each nomination based on several criteria, including innovation, impact, and potential.

The evaluation focuses on how effectively the submitted projects leverage XR technology, their potential to influence the future of the industry, and the overall quality of execution. This meticulous approach ensures that the awards truly represent the pinnacle of XR innovation.

Once the evaluation is complete, finalists are selected for each category, making the cut from a pool of incredibly diverse and groundbreaking nominations.

The Auggie Awards selection process indeed involves a crucial component: the board of experts. This distinguished panel is comprised of industry leaders, technology pioneers, and seasoned professionals in the Extended Reality (XR) field.

The board carries the significant responsibility of reviewing and evaluating the nominations. Their combined expertise and deep understanding of the XR industry play a critical role in the selection process. They assess each submission based on a variety of criteria, including the level of innovation, potential for impact, and overall quality of execution.

Each finalist undergoes a thorough review by the board, ensuring that winners represent the very best in XR innovation. The board’s expertise and dedication guarantee the integrity of the Auggie Awards, making the awards a true reflection of excellence in the XR industry. Their involvement underscores the credibility and prestige of the Auggie Awards, cementing its reputation as a benchmark for success in the XR landscape.

Auggie Award 2023 for Best Consumer App by Exponential Dimensions
Exponential Dimensions: The Auggie Award 2023 for Best Consumer App.

The Winners of the Auggie Awards 2023

The final winners are then announced at the prestigious Auggie Awards ceremony.

Best Art or Film

Museum of Digital Life – Delta Reality
The Museum of Digital Life by Delta Reality took home the award for Best Art or Film. This project represents an exquisite fusion of artistry and technology, creating a transformative digital experience.

Best Campaign

Countdown: Bricks Farm – Zappar
Zappar’s Countdown: Bricks Farm was recognized as the Best Campaign, exemplifying the power of engaging and immersive storytelling within the XR space.

Best Collaboration Tool

VR at Pfizer – Creating the Covid Vaccine at Lightspeed! – Pfizer
Pfizer’s innovative use of Virtual Reality to expedite the creation of the Covid vaccine demonstrated the immense potential of XR as a collaboration tool. This initiative was awarded the Best Collaboration Tool.

Best Consumer App

Central Library of Düsseldorf App – Exponential Dimensions
Exponential Dimensions’ Central Library of Düsseldorf App was hailed as the Best Consumer App. The app exemplifies how XR can enhance everyday experiences, making it more accessible and engaging for users.

Best Creator & Authoring Tool

Lens Studio – Snap Inc.
Snap Inc.’s Lens Studio, a powerhouse for creating augmented reality experiences, won the award for the Best Creator & Authoring Tool. This tool has been integral in democratizing the creation of AR content.

Best Developer Tool

Cloud Platform for 3D Asset Management – echo3D
echo3D’s Cloud Platform for 3D Asset Management, a comprehensive solution for managing 3D assets, was chosen as the Best Developer Tool. It showcases how cloud technology can streamline and optimize XR development processes.

Best Enterprise Solution

AjnaVidya – AjnaLens by Dimension NXG
AjnaLens by Dimension NXG’s AjnaVidya, an enterprise solution that leverages XR for business applications, won the award for Best Enterprise Solution. It represents the tremendous value that XR can add to businesses.

Best Game or Toy

Among Us VR – Innersloth, Schell Games, Robot Teddy
The wildly popular Among Us VR, developed by Innersloth, Schell Games, and Robot Teddy, was named the Best Game or Toy. This game exemplifies the potential of VR in creating deeply immersive and social gaming experiences.

Best Headworn Device

HTC VIVE’s VIVE XR Elite, a cutting-edge headworn device, took the award for Best Headworn Device. Thisdevice showcases the advancements in wearable XR technology, bringing users closer to immersive digital experiences.

Best Healthcare & Wellness Solution

ARSOFT’s NEXTMED, a healthcare and wellness solution that harnesses the power of XR, was recognized as the Best Healthcare & Wellness Solution. It is a shining example of how XR can revolutionize healthcare by providing innovative solutions for patient care and wellness.

Best in Location-Based Entertainment

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort: LEGO MYTHICA Magical Forest – Zappar
Zappar’s LEGOLAND Windsor Resort: LEGO MYTHICA Magical Forest, a location-based entertainment experience, won the award for Best in Location-Based Entertainment. This project showcases how XR can transform physical spaces into magical and interactive experiences.

Best Indie Creator(s)

Big Rock Creative – Big Rock Creative
Big Rock Creative, an indie creator, was acknowledged for their exceptional work in the XR industry and won the award for Best Indie Creator(s). Their win highlights the essential role indie creators play in the growth and diversification of the XR industry.

Best Interaction Product

Trixel 3 – TriLite
TriLite’s Trixel 3, an interaction product that enhances the user’s engagement with XR environments, was named the Best Interaction Product. This product demonstrates how interactive design can enrich the XR user experience.

Best Snapdragon ™ Spaces App – Sponsored by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

The Future of Training – Verizon
Verizon’s The Future of Training, an app developed for Snapdragon Spaces, was awarded the Best Snapdragon Spaces App. This app underlines the potential of XR in revolutionizing training and education.

Best Societal Impact

Zapvision: Accessible QR codes for people who are blind or partially sighted – Zappar
Zappar’s Zapvision, a project that makes QR codes accessible for the visually impaired, won the award for Best Societal Impact. This initiative shows how XR can be leveraged to make a tangible impact on society, improving accessibility and inclusivity.

Best Use of AI

SYNTH3D – Maxar Technologies
Maxar Technologies’ SYNTH3D, an AI-powered solution in the XR industry, won the award for Best Use of AI. This recognition underlines the intersection of AI and XR and the transformative possibilities this synergy presents.


The Auggie Awards continue to spotlight the frontrunners in the XR industry, driving innovation and excellence. The recognition these awards offer not only celebrates the extraordinary achievements of the winners but also motivates the entire industry to strive for greater heights.

Congratulations to all the Auggie Awards 2023 winners!


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