Peridot: The New Augmented Reality Tamagotchi

Peridot is an innovative augmented reality game by Niantic that combines the joy of virtual pets with today’s technology. As a successor to games like Pokémon Go and Tamagotchi, Peridot offers a unique experience where players can interact with adorable creatures in an augmented reality.

In this article, we will explore the different aspects of Peridot and analyze how it sets itself apart from other games.

The World of Peridot

Peridot is an AR real-world pet game where players form a close bond with enchanting magical pets and collaborate with other players to diversify their species by hatching a new generation of 100% genetically unique creatures. The game offers a variety of activities to interact with the Peridots, including feeding, petting, walking, and teaching them new tricks. Players can also engage in mini-games with their Peridots, such as fetch, teaching tricks, and dressing them up in fashionable outfits.

Peridot Evolution

Similar to a classic Tamagotchi game, each Peridot goes through various stages of growth, starting from an egg that players need to hatch. Once hatched, the Peridot progresses from a baby to a teenager and eventually reaches adulthood. Each Peridot acquires different personality traits during its evolution and can eventually be bred with other Peridots.

AR Technology

Peridot utilizes augmented reality technology to create an immersive experience for players. This means that the Peridots appear in the real world and can interact with their surroundings. However, the quality of these interactions depends on the setup and environmental conditions. For instance, Peridots can detect and avoid walls and furniture when placed in a well-lit room with a clear view of the floor. However, if there is no clear separation between the floor and objects, the Peridots may pass through the objects.

Peridot AR game by Niantic
Experience the fascinating Peridot AR game by Niantic. Image credits: ©Niantic

Breeding and Genetics

One of the most intriguing features of Peridot is its breeding system, which allows for an almost unlimited number of genetic combinations. By collaborating with other players, Peridots with a variety of rare traits and characteristics can be bred. The vast number of possible combinations results in a multitude of unique Peridot designs.

Breeding Costs

While breeding Peridots provides a fascinating way to expand your collection, there is a catch: breeding comes at a cost. To breed a Peridot, players need to use a nesting basket, which costs $5. This poses a limitation for players who are unwilling to spend additional money on the game.

Adventures and Daily Walks

Peridot encourages players to take their creatures on daily walks and explore the world together. The Peridots are curious beings and recognize a variety of environments and objects during these walks. Players can document their shared adventures and visited locations by capturing photos and videos to share with friends.

Peridot | Global Launch Trailer Credits: ©Niantic

Interaction with the Real World

The ability of Peridots to recognize and interact with their environment, as well as with humans and animals, is impressive. However, when interacting with real animals, some comical situations may arise as Peridots occasionally struggle to assess the environment correctly. For example, they can recognize grass, sand, or water, but they can also be easily fooled by, for instance, a bottle of blue mouthwash or a picture of water.

Availability and Platforms

Peridot is available for iOS and Android users on the Google Play and App Store, as long as they have a relatively recent phone model that supports the AR game engine. One of the challenges for Peridot’s developers is to convince players to engage with more than one game. Many players who already play Pokémon Go might find it difficult to invest in another game. However, Peridot is designed to be played in short, few-minute gaming sessions, even if players don’t take their creatures physically on walks.
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Future and Long-Term Motivation

While Peridot is highly enjoyable, there is a risk of the game losing long-term motivation once players have fully evolved their creatures and can no longer hatch new eggs without spending additional money. It remains to be seen if Peridot can build a dedicated fan base that overcomes this potential hurdle. After all, Pokémon Go still generates billions of dollars through in-app purchases, despite no longer being the “hot new thing.”


Peridot combines the nostalgic joy of virtual pets like Tamagotchi with the modern augmented reality technology found in games like Pokémon Go. Players can befriend adorable creatures, witness their growth, and collaborate with others to diversify their species by hatching new generations. Despite some limitations, such as the cost associated with breeding and the need for a current smartphone model, Peridot offers an entertaining and innovative experience for fans of virtual pets and AR games alike.


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